It is very necessary for us to practice Agnihotra frequently to save ourselves from the harmful pollutants that we encounter daily. Earth has become very dangerous just not for human beings but also for plants and animals too. There is environmental imbalance which is leading to new diseases day by day.

Pollution is now posing a grave danger to us — we must restore the balance in our environment and minds.

There is still time, however, to make a difference. AGNIHOTRA PRANAYAMA is the solution for pollution you can start right away to improve the air quality in your home and in your community and that makes everyone breathe easier.

In the Bhopal gas tragedy,one of the family and their neighbors remained unaffected by the harmful radiation,because of performing Agnihotra. Physicists Miroslav Haber and Mato Modrik have independently confirmed that Agnihotra and its ash protect against radioactivity. Agnihotra techniques improve soil quality, improve health of cattle, enhances quality and quantity of milk.This technique control and eradicate weeds and reduce pathogenic bacteria.

“AGNIHOTRA”,is translated as ‘Healing fire’. Agnihotra refers to a little procedure involving mantras, and a simple fire.

Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his or her own home.

‘PRANAYAMA’ is control of Breath. “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body,and “ayama” means control.It is a process of conscious breathing that emphasizes on deep breaths.

Mahatapase initiated a Performing Pranayama around Agnihotra. Thousands of people from all continents belonging to different races, languages, religions and spiritual groups who practice Agnihotra Pranayama have remarked differences on there family.

Agnihotra fills the atmosphere with beneficial nutrients and purifies it.It has catalytic effects in the atmosphere and helps reset nature cycles so as to attain the vital harmony and equilibrium,this atmosphere is highly appropriate for practicing other spiritual disciplines. Furthermore, Agnihotra ash is used for medicines & for purifying water resources.

Agnihotra is believed to impact an area up to 12 km in the biosphere.

Agnihotra pranayama has to be performed exact time of sunrise and sunset based on the latitude and longitude of the place where you are performing.The chanting of Agnihotra mantra during the sunrise and the sunset creates resonance in line with the biorhythm and activates special vibrations. According to Vedas, mantras have potential effect on every aspect of human life and surroundings.

The Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere on a very subtle level, neutralizes the radioactive effect.Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.


*Sitting at Agnihotra fire and breathe in the vapor, while inhaling the vapor into the lungs & bloodstream,this has excellent effect on respiratory system and even more so if Agnihotra fume is ingested. The vapor has a good effect on the brain,nervous system,asthma & breathing problems.

*Agnihotra pranayama has an excellent effect on the circulatory system,renews brain cells,revitalizes the skin,it purifies the blood.

*Agnihotra pranayama possess various benefits for children,encourages discipline in children and also binds all people in a family together. It also sets a healing cycle on the children, which brings both peace and joy at home.

*Agnihotra pranayama calms hyper active kids and encourages proper child development.

*Agnihotra helps in reclaiming addicts of a variety of intoxicants and drugs.

*The benefits of Agnihotra aren’t limited to person performing it, but embrace the neighborhood. It can be done anywhere and takes a few minutes.

*Agnihotra ash also called as ‘Miracle ash’ used for medicines or for purifying water resources.

*Agnihotra pranayama cleanse our chitta, mind is purified,enhances our consciousness.