निर्विषयं ध्यानं ॥

Dhyana studio

We all need a special place that we can escape to and connect with our own higher power. It helps recharge our energy and
keeps us balanced.we have taken the time and effort to create a great space to meditate. Mahatapase Dhyana Studio  is
warm and inviting, and has a positive atmosphere, all the attendees find it so much easier to relax and get into the
right frame of mind for meditation.

This space is completely isolated and help attendees achieve a certain degree of
initial concentration. It is relaxed and limited spaces that allow the user to stop their busy lifestyle and connecting
slowly, with body and a serene mental space.The light allows to qualify environmentally the space and can help to lead the
intention of the practice being done.
You will love to do your daily chants, yoga and meditations in this sacred space.It helps you stay focused and fills
your space with beautiful and soothing energies. You will seek to work and satisfy your physical, psychological and
spiritual needs.

Mahatapase Dhyana Studio is a silent space, place that makes you look inward. Artificial lighting choice will warm
and also adjustable. It will have a design theme that reflects your personality, and an atmosphere that
enhances your concentration.It will also be comfortable, not
just in terms of furnishings, but also in terms of temperature and lighting. This type of meditation room is all about simplicity,
serenity and the total avoidance of visual clutter.
Follow your bliss and let’s get started.