अभ्यसानुगथविद्यां बुद्धिं कर्मानु सारिणी॥

NEMA – For Kids

The stress of modern culture may negatively increase the cognitive and emotional development in a child. Many children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts. This means that stress poses a great deal of risk for a child.

In our fast paced lifestyle, children have to face even more “fears” than ever before. We want kids to be able to navigate through phases of insecurity, frustration, and impatience without too much distress. But prolonged fear-based stress on a child’s emotional development can be debilitating and have long-term repercussions.

Yogasana, Meditation can seem daunting and a bit unfamiliar or uncomfortable for families that have never practiced before,

Thankfully, Mahatapase introduced Nema – for kids



Meditative games,

Vedic chants and


Vyayama :

The practice of Vyayam hones the coordinated working relationship between the mind, the nervous system, the muscles, and the breath that is needed to execute daily activities effectively, safely, and gracefully, without wasted energy.


Yogasana can improve a child’s focus, memory, self-esteem, behavior and academic performance, and can even reduce anxiety and stress.

Practicing yogasana child will gain more patience and understanding.

Yogasana at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that noncompetitive.

Child will learn how to use the body in a healthy way. Increase  flexibility, strength, coordination.

Yoga has been shown to help improve ADHD (attention deficit  hyperactivity disorder) symptoms, too, although most of the research has been done.

Yoga helps child to overcome inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Meditative games :

Meditative games helps self-acceptance and build confidence,positive self-image develop body awareness.
Child will develop a stress manage through breathing and build concentration.

Scientific evidence proves that it lowers stress, and improves academic performance. It’s also shown to help child sleep better and protects against depression. That’s exactly what we all want for our kids.

Games is a good warm-up exercise to increase focus.

Meditation for kids  they will start a continuing practice of mindfulness, which has been shown to heighten working memory and lead to improved reading comprehension scores on standardized testing.

Vedic Chants : 

The Chanting mantras will improve the child memory while reciting it every day.

It also helps to improve the concentration and improves the grasping power of your child.

By chanting Mantras loud and clear Child with a resonance or voice problems,like getting trouble with voice pitch, volume and quality will improve.

The children with Articulation problems like  Not speaking clearly and making errors in sounds and
fluency problems,  trouble with the flow of speech, such as stuttering  by chanting Mantras clearly child will overcome its disability.


Baghavadgita allows children to access their natural rhythm of self-awareness,mindfulness,self-soothing, problem-solving, patience, and facing fears.

Develops spiritual values in the child

Listening and learning about  Mythological stories will improve  child’s imagination, instill right value-system and morals and also initiates storytelling skills in the child.

Listening Bhagavadgita a child will learn right values of life.

Moreover,practicing Mahatapase Nema program child will foster a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment is sure to improve your child’s behavior and communications from the classroom or the playground to your own household.

Sign your children up for Nema for kids and give them the tools they need to succeed !!!