सुख दूखे समेकृत्वा  लाभा लाभॊे जया जयोै॥

Samatva : for wellness

1. Back pain and Headache
2. Diabetes Mellitus
3. Thyroid
4. Gastro-intestinal Disorders and
5. Menstrual Disorders
6. Obesity

 In a world of daily stress, anxieties and expectation, the human mind can often come under a lot of pressure which directly affects our mood, making us less positive and less assured. Chronic stress and consistently elevated cortisol levels (your primary stress hormone) are a major underlying cause of most Western illnesses and diseases, if left undealt with.

We risk becoming out of balance and confronting the ever-dreaded “Burn Out.”.

Chronic stress and feeling overwhelmed can be deeply disruptive to our sleep cycle,digestive process,inflammatory response, and other delicately balanced internal systems that keep us happy and healthy.

So it’s important to find ways to slow down and pay attention to your body and mind.

Instead of viewing your condition as a disease in your body, choose to view it as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and learn to love yourself.

Mahatapase introduces  Samatva.It is a series of

Laghu Vyayama,
Therapeutic YogaSana,
Therapeutic Pranayama,
Vedic chants and

According to a study at Harbor-UCLA Medical center , participants who did yoga for four weeks reported that they needed less pain medication to manage their chronic pain.

Practicing this program  will make you   healthier, your mind gets stronger and faster, Makes you feel happier, Reduces stress, helps your focus, Improves sleep, Lowers blood pressure, Relieves Pain, Strengthens your aura.

It has been proved that practicing meditation and pranayama increases your positive energy, which effectively makes you more pleasant to be around. Your mind is able to gather all scattered thoughts and move on to awareness in body, mind, and emotion.

Effective breathing will increase your life span.Mindfulness breathing is just the practice of being aware of the present moment.

The deep breathing exercises in pranayama and meditation improves circulation and blood oxygen enrichment, sending help to all of the organs including stomach and intestine.   Yogasanas and pranayama makes you free from disease by strengthening the immune system.