युवा वृद्दोथि व्रुद्दोवा व्यदिथो  दुर्बलॊपीव ।

अभ्यसात् सिद्धि मप्नॊति सर्व योगे  श्वेतंदृतः॥

Sarala:For Elderly

As you get older your flexibility tends to decrease and your stability, which is related to common muscle mass loss, lessens, making you more prone to accidents and injuries related to everyday tasks.

Even simple tasks like walking down the stairs or reaching for something in a high cabinet or picking something off the floor can become problematic.  Many seniors suffer from chronic pain because of arthritis and joint problems, back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Many seniors find that they don’t sleep through the night or as soundly as they once did. These problems are common with age, but yoga may be a way to reduce the pain you feel.

Research has shown that Yoga and Vyayama for seniors, which combine with Yama,Niyama,Asana Meditation  and a purposeful flexing of muscle groups, will improve digestive health, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep patterns, and alleviate feelings of depression.

Mahatapase designed Sarala programme for elderly. It is the easy way of practicing



Basic pranayama,

Vedic chants,



We designed  Sarala programme in that a way, it  doesn’t have to put a lot of strain on your muscles and joints, Yogaasana and pranayama classes will be very gentle – gentle enough even for people with health problem.

Pranayama and Meditation will Improve Sleep. Meditation relieve stress and keep you energized in both body and mind. Practicing Yoga and Vyayama on a regular basis will make you feel more strength and stamina, which will help you fall and stay asleep at the same time each day.

Together, Yoga and meditation have been proven effective at enhancing feelings of well-being and overall health in many people.

Practicing Sarala program just for a few weeks you may notice you have more energy, feel better and stronger, and even sleep more soundly at night.