शरीर माद्यं खलु योग सादनम् ॥  

Siddha:  Preconceptional Care

Our Siddha program will train a women to take steps towards healthy pregnancy before they even get pregnant. Siddha is a preconception program, helps women to achieve healthier lifestyle,develop strength and stamina while planning to conceive. This course is a set of




Meditation, and

Vedic chants.

“When we meditate (even if for a few minutes a day) we are allowing our minds and bodies to enter a more relaxed state,” says Dr. Cabell.

  • This program will prevent complications and inform women about important steps they  must take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

  • Practicing this course will help to promote a healthy pregnancy and a birth of a healthy baby.

  • Also helps to overcome depression,anxiety,confusion and other physiological problems.

  • Reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.

  • It is important for women trying to conceive to do everything possible to generate a successful birth.