Satthva yoga

Satthva yoga is a combination of simple,natural and quick asanas. It is derived from the Patanjali’s  Ashtanga yoga.  Satthva yoga is developed by our renowned guru Sri Balekudige Parameshwara guruji. Guruji practicing yoga since from 34years from his practice experience he came up with this astonishing asanas to heal all types of diseases.

While Practicing these techniques, you begin to understand what impact each stretch has on your mind.  Each little movement or activity releases some stress and you can slowly start comprehending the
mechanism of prana (energy) movement within yourself. This knowledge can only be gained by practice and experience. You will find yourself in a zone where your body-mind coordination is effortless and precise.

Satthva yoga is the only system of exercises where each and every part of the body including each organ, each joint and each muscle is taken into consideration, and a particular exercise or set of exercises associated with a specific type of breathing in a specific type of position with a specific point of mental concentration is prescribed.

The main features or components of Satthva yoga are (1) breathing (2) concentration point (3) actual exercise – which involves motion most of the times though not always. Breathing of different types very light or very fast or very deep,sometimes through the mouth although mostly through the nose.

Practicing this unique forms of yoga will cure and control most of the diseases and pains.Like blood pressure,arthritis,constipation,obese,migraine and knee pain so on.